Sculpture / Mixed Media 

Lock Em, bullet casings, locks, key, cement, plastic, enamel, 5" x 4.5", 4 lbs.

On a Roll, marbles, nails, cement, wood and enamel paint. 6" x 11" x 3", 3 lbs

Greed Crime City, bullet shells, pennies, cement, wood, enamel paint. 7" x 5" x 5", 2.5 lbs

Blessed Choir, spoons, cement, metal, enamel paints. 11" x 4", 6 lbs

Play it Penny,  trumpet, bugle, guitar strings, bells, chain, brass plate, bullets, pennies,  wood, enamel, 40" x 17" x 17", 10 lbs.

The Choir, spoons, metal bass speaker cover, cement, enamel paint,  9" x 6", 7 Lbs

Altaman Collection, Hawaii

Constructobjectionism #1 

Painting: sand, coconut fibers, pine needles, wood fibers and acrylic enamel paint on canvas.
Pedestal / Frame: wood, cement, computer parts, sand and stones.

 82" x  72" x 8"

The World Outside

Requiem for Peace, cement, bullets, brass, lawn mower tire, pvc pipe, wire, enamel, 10" x 8",  11 lbs.

Push, brass, steel, wood, pvc pipe, enamel, 12" x 10", 4 lbs.

Painters Birthday Candles,  paint brushes, cement, pvc pipe, enamel, 16" x 12, 9 lbs

Pawn, bowling ball, tennis balls, car wheel parts, metal, wood,  enamel, 5' x 24" 


acrylic enamel, canvas, 48" x 80"

20" x 40" x 3"   wood, metal, computer parts, cd/radio parts, bamboo, trumpet mouthpiece, chains, chimes, paint brush, enamel paint.  

My studio. Your welcome to come in and sit down. D.mcGeary